viernes, 20 de abril de 2012


This is Winona, my granddaughter
She is just 2 years old.
Unfortunately she lives far away from us and I can’t experience her as much as I would like. 
Last Christmas we spent some time with her and I began to know her beautiful personality, of course, that fact has a lot to do with the way she is being raised by her wonderful and loving parents Bethy and Jacob.

I was impressed. 
When she started getting comfortable with us “the new people” she held my hand and walked me to her bedroom. She rushes me in and closed the door. It was pitch dark but she wasn’t scared. 
I was confused because I didn´t know what was on her mind.
She turned on a music player and made a classic music fill in the room, 
then she used a turtle toy to project a sky on the roof of her room with beautiful sparkling stars 
and finally she sat down on a little chair and started playing drums with the classic orchestra.  
She was showing me her treasures. She was full of content.
After a while I left, and she remained in there playing by herself in the dark, 
completely comfortable and confident.
I thought about all the boys and girls afraid of darkness.
A fearless girl. 
Good sign.

The next day, I was sitting in the living room talking with her mama.
At the coffee table was a big old fashion sound recorder with a bunch of flamboyant buttons. 
She wanted to touch them and her mama said “do not touch Winona” 
and like if nothing was happening she continued her chatting with me. 
One part of my brain was extremely attentive 
observing the scene of the little one testing her own child power. 
Winny was walking up and down around the equipment
looking the potential attraction of the recorder, and tried many times to push different buttons. 
Consistently and calmly, her mama prevented her from doing it each time she attempted it.
Suddenly Bethy had to go through the kitchen and I was left alone with the situation 
and thought to myself: “oh-oh, now it would be my turn to ask her to not touch”
but to my big surprise and delight the little girl gave me a huge lesson about what respect means.   
She walked up and down watching the attractive object and DID NOT TOUCH ANYTHING, 
even when the authority couldn’t see her, even when she had the chance, she didn’t touch it.
I was so proud of her. 
And once again I said to myself: “They are doing a wonderful job”.

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